Biotropin to the Test 2018

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hGH Serum Test 2018

Some of our beloved customers already proved the high quality of Lifetech Labs Biotropin Growth Hormone with a hGH serum test. Here are some samples of results:

Join our test program today:

Lifetech Labs is giving you the exclusive opportunity to test the authenticity and quality of Biotropin.

Test it yourself in a laboratory near you following our protocol (below) and share your results online.

This way, you will be convinced to start your hgh therapy with the highest quality and purity Somatropin. There is no better way to demonstrate that Biotropin from Lifetech Labs is the best hGH available in the market right now.

1- How to Start

Please send us an email at [email protected] to introduce yourself briefly (name, age, lifestyle, training, type of product already used and objectives).

Tell us what type of therapy you are interested in to qualify for a free box when you purchase 2 of the following products: Wellness 2IU/day, Fitness 3.3IU/day or Performance 4IU/day.

2- Rules

Post your cycle log on a bodybuilding / fitness / anti-aging forum with following elements:

  • Presentation with profile (sex, age, lifestyle, training) and background in anabolics
  • Summary of protocol
  • Good quality photo of your HGH Serum test results with vial of Biotropin on it
  • Personal feedback on Biotropin or Lifetech Labs
  • Tester must reply to all comments in a responsible manner
  • Send all details to [email protected] (subject: OP BIOTROPIN)

Recommended Protocol

  • 10-12 hours fasting is necessary
    (We recommend to do the test in the morning)
  • No exercise or activity during the whole testing period
  • First blood sample
  • Inject 10 IU (one full vial of Biotropin fitness)
    Intra Muscular or Subcutaneous
  • Second blood sample 3 hours after injecting

3- Reward for posting your results online:


of Biotropin Wellness, Fitness or Performance

2 boxes purchased = get your 3rd box FREE on any Lifetech Labs official reseller website

4- Reimbursement of blood test cost

At Lifetech Labs, we know the cost and time of a lab test, and we wish to go even further!
We are willing to refund the cost of your blood test (under conditions).

In order to participate in our exceptional offer, please contact us and follow instructions below:

1) Provide invoice of examination for GH Serum Test (only)
2) Own a Bitcoin wallet address for refund

You have now NO REASON not to test our products as now this test is also for FREE.

Thank you for participating in our development.

We are convinced about the high quality and effectiveness of  our Biotropin, this is the reason we want to involve everyone in the process.

Lifetech Labs is continuously investing in innovation and to have you as privileged user is a great honor for us.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts in making this possible.


Russell Jensen, Lifetech Labs CEO

Russell Jensen – Lifetech Labs CEO