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BIOSYNERGY was awarded « Best Concept Innovation of the Year» during the 9th annual international innovation ceremony held in Hong Kong on August 16th, 2013 closing the « international conference and exhibition of the modernization of medicines and health products 2013 ».

This year 373 innovations were presented in 9 categories. LifetechLabs with its concept BIOSYNERGY was awarded the title by a panel of independent judges

“Best Innovative Concept 2014” in the most prestigious and contested category of the conference, «Modernization of Medicine and Health Products».

Judges particularly appreciated the perceptiveness of the synergy on two levels. Firstly, recognizing the scientific cooperation between researchers and doctors to obtain a result that could not have worked had the research been conducted separately. Secondly, on the final product range of Biosynergy, as a consequence of the combination of multiple peptides that generate a synergic effect superior to that of their isolated results.

« This award has come after more than 10 years of Research & Development and our engagement to provide services of excellence and accentuate relevance of our choices to diversify our mass strategy worldwide.

We are very proud to celebrate this day with our partners who invested millions of dollars; our victory; and approved our network and implementation on more than 20 international markets.

Today, thanks to LifeTechLabs and its products Biosynergy… 1 + 1 =3 »

LifetechLabs CEO