Biopeptide 2019-02-04T12:57:31+00:00

Lifetech Labs introduces its new single peptide product range Biopeptide®.

Biopeptide® product range is elaborated according to approved laboratories standards processes and the most refined technology in order to obtain the highest quality and purity peptide. HPLC and MS testing are part of the many control measures to ensure optimum quality. From ingredients synthesis to packaging, products guaranteed in the most stable conditions.

Lifetech Labs in-house concept is also applied for our new product range Biopeptide®. Posology is adjusted for an easy use defined in time. It is to anticipate a potential degradation and preserve maximum quality.

1 Vial= 3 Days
1 Box = 1 month therapy
1 product = 1 specific Goal

“biopeptide®, evolve with science”