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Lifetech Labs® is the most modern and innovative laboratory in the field of body development and physical enhancements.

We provide the finest innovative products to improve your body and enable you to achieve greatness every day.

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Latest News about Lifetech Labs

04/04/2019 – In 2019, follow us on Twitter!

In 2019, you can follow Lifetech Labs on its official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/LifetechLabs

25/05/2018 – Warning: Counterfeit products

Warning! Counterfeit peptides and HGH Lifetechlabs from China are currently circulating on the market. Be vigilant and do not hesitate to report any case of counterfeiting. (bigger picture)

We invite you to always check the authenticity of your products before use.

A doubt about a reseller? Visit the official online reseller page or contact us at [email protected]

08/04/2018 – Event: Lifetech was there!

On April 8, Lifetech was present at the last FITSA (International Fair of Fitness, Welfare and Health) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, thanks to Esteban. We are proud to welcome the Lombardozzi Group as the new official partner in South America.

08/02/2018 – New scam alert: primeanabolics.com

Some customers reported to be scammed from this website: primeanabolics.com . They are not based in USA as claimed, but in Ukraine. They are not an Authorized Reseller from Lifetech labs. Learn more

15/01/2018 – Biotropin to the Test – Update 2018

Test our Biotropin for FREE. We are willing to refund the cost of your GH Serum Test (under conditions). Learn more

01/08/2017 – Free GHRP6 Peptide with our partners!

Buy 2 Biotropin HGH boxes from any of our authorized resellers and enjoy a FREE Biopeptide GHRP6 box shipped with your order!

31/05/2017 – Peptides & Growth Hormone at lower prices

Starting June 1st 2017 and for the first time, you can benefit of Pharma Grade hGH and Peptides at low prices. Discover our new prices (up to -40%) on our Authorized Dealers.

Learn More

20/04/2017 – Our new Ergology Lifetech Blog is live

Ergogenic: intended to enhance physical performance, stamina, or recovery. All you need to read to be up to date in the field of Human Ergology is now available at https://lifetech-blog.com/.

Learn More

01/03/2017 – New Authorized Reseller April 2017

Hormone-Peptide.com is now part of our family. Feel free to visit them at https://hormone-peptide.com/ or purchase authentic Lifetech Labs products in one of our 20 authorized e-tailers.

Learn More

29/01/2017 – Operation Biotropin to the test

Test our hGH with a GH serum and get a free box to start your therapy. This way, you will be convinced to start your hGH therapy with the highest quality and purity Somatropin.

Learn More